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Cat boarding is available in our lovely pet houses where your cat will receive the best care and attention. 

​​​​​​​​​​   We raise and sell purebred Maine Coon and kittens. Our goal is to provide well adjusted, healthy cats & kittens and to attract the perfect owners for them.  This process begins at birth with much loving hands-on care.  As soon as possible the babies are introduced to children, our 2 dogs, so that by the time they are ready for adoption they are well adjusted and find their new environments an adventure.
     Choosing one (or more) of our kittens is considered the highest praise and makes all the hard work of breeding cats worthwhile.  Many thanks and much appreciation goes out to our wonderful clients and please remember, we appreciate your thoughtful compliments & kind words about our kittens & cattery; and truly enjoy hearing them with  emails, pictures and all that you share with us.  Thanks so much!!!

​    Our cattery is located in a rural environment on 11 acres in the Gold Country, about 60 miles N.E. of Sacramento, Ca. We have large, indoor/outdoor facilities to house our cats and we keep our breeding stock at a conservative level, so that each of our cats and their litters can receive individual attention.

Cat and Kitten Boarding