Hi Shila
Just wanted to give you an update on Donner.  As you remember when we picked her up on Dec 7th we thought she was ​a little on the shy ​side. Well she is the sweetest, friendliest Maine Coon we've known, not to mention very pretty.  Donner has quickly made friends with our kids, grandkids, friends and family dogs,  becoming an integral family member,  involved in all activities.  Being a lap cat is a favorite activity.   Additionally, she has easily adapted to traveling in our vehicles.  We love her to death and look forward to many happy times with our new best friend.


​​Hi Shila,

Murphy is so getting huge, beautiful and just so much fun to have around!  His favorite things are hanging with us and the dogs in the backyard, where he chases hummingbirds and butterflies.  He's so social and even-tempered - just the best cat!
  I am still interested in a new brother for Murphy - if you have any boy kittens that are not spoken for, please let me know!  Even though Murphy has fun with us and the dogs, I think he is lonely for another cat.  He stares at the outdoor cats through the window and I know he needs a companion.
  I hope all is well with you and Buddy and the cattery!
Michelle Smith and "Murphy"


Hello Shila,
I just wanted to update you on how well our little baby is doing.  “Princess” for now – although names tend to change in our house.  As your friend said, she is just the perfect cat – and as you said, an Angel!  We couldn’t ask for more.  She settled right in and has made herself at home and into our hearts.  We LOVE her so much!!!  She’s eating well, playing, socializing and sleeping with us at night.  Here is a quick picture and we will continue to update you on her progress. 
Happy New Year to you and Buddy!

Dana and Pierre

Hi Shila, I have been meaning to contact you before now, but to let you know that the kittens (Max and Zoey Auen) have grown so much since bringing them home and are part of our family. They are loving, playful and the joy of our lives! They have traveled with us to our cabin and do so well. Of course we each hold one while outside and they are able to enjoy the mountain air and wild smells. We have tried keeping them with us in our bedroom while sleeping, but they are still "too playful" and I have to send them out and close the door. We feel sad to keep them away, but do need our uninterrupted sleep. They are fine after sending them out.  They are eating about 3 ounces two or 3 times per day along with "grazing" on the dry for "snacks". They are tolerant to me trimming their claws. Zoey LOVES to "hang out" on my left shoulder and will sit in my lap until I need to get up. Max is so loving too and will take turns with Zoey in my lap. His purr is so loud it sounds like it would be painful and he loves snuggling in my arms and neck. Ed adores them both and when he gets home greets them first before me and always asks "How are the kids today?". Anyway, thank you for allowing them into our lives...they are our stress relief and our angels. If you are ever in our area, please contact us...we would love to have you see them again! Anyone that comes over to visit loves them...even my daughter in law that is not so much of a cat person! Everyone says that they are not the "normal type of cat". Our best to both of you!
Fondly...Ed and Vivian Auen (Escalon, CA)

Hi Shila,
I have been meaning to tell you for weeks what a GORGEOUS pussy cat we have.  I wish I knew how much he weighs, he eats 3 times/day, but is not enthusiastic about food. He gets bigger and bigger!!!  He is VERY energetic and adores our 4-year old AUSTRALIAN Labra Doddle, HUNTER, who weighs 45 lbs!!! (We had planned to keep them apart for the 1st week, but they met 1 hour after BENTLEY arrived and fell in love -(both boys) They role around on the floor together, chase each other all the time.  It sort-of looks like HUNTER is chewing on BENTLEY - however, they both love it and there have been absolutely NO problems.  (I don’t even watch what they are doing any more - HUNTER is an angel…)

BENTLEY has his own room (our guest room, windows, 2 beds etc.)-  lots of toys etc.,  right next to our bedroom, where he sleeps alone at night and to give ME a little rest, I put him in there for a couple hours in the afternoon.  (I have to watch what he is doing all day!  -climbing the curtains, pulling things off tables and just about everything he can find to do. He DEFINITELY does not lack energy, and there is nothing he cannot climb on or up!!!

I think he is going to be a very beautiful cat, shades of grey, long tail, big ears, white marks on his face and feet! 

MANY THANKS for this wonderful pussy cat…
Susan T.

Dear Shila,
Would you believe our beautiful Maine Coon is 5 years old now??!!?? He is an absolute delight.

My Mother adored him and they bonded immediately. She passed away unfortunately, but he brightened her days. Now he continues to do the same for us.

He actually likes the Paul Newman brand of food so there was no problem in switching brands.
Thank you again for providing us with a gorgeous, spirited companion!!
Warm regards,

Hi Shila!

Had to write and tell you how our beautiful, loving, smart, funny and happy our cats are. Sheba, as you know is big and gorgeous, and I am convinced she is really a human in cat fur. She thinks she is human too! I love her more than I can say. She looks straight into my eyes and has a better attention span than many people. She is so clever and thinks anything within reach is a toy.

Caesar has finally filled out and is both beautiful and exceptionally loving. He goes back and forth on the loveseat between Vladimir and my laps, making sure neither of us is slighted. If I call Sheba and she comes to sit on my lap, Caesar runs to get there first, or if he is farther away, he will almost sit on top of her to make certain he doesn't miss any love.

Remember...you and Buddy are always welcome to stay with us and we
would take you on a tour of Yosemite. How is Shilo? Is he loving the

Thank you for raising such wonderful kitties.

Doria and Vladimir

Hi Shila!

Isn't he a beauty and a lovebug!  He is such a character and not afraid of anything !!  My mother-in-law told me he hopped on the vacuum cleaner and rode on top of it while it while it was on!!  Everyone loves Steely and, of course, are enamored  with his big, 'ol paws, ear tufts and his gigantically bushy tail!!  He eats non-stop and tries to eat anything and everything.  Of course, we don't let him.

Most of all, Steely brings us all love, laughter and well-being!  He is such a blessing and we are grateful for him.  Thank you for producing amazing kitties!!

I am working on adding another red mackerel to our family and would like to come visit in the near future.

Love to you and Buddy.


Kristine D.

There are no words to express how awesome my Maine Coon, Max is.  He came into my life after loosing my precious part Maine Coon, Jazz.  Shila invited me out to her place to be among her cats, just to visit.  It eased my sadness beyond belief.  I was surrounded by the graciousness of Shila ~ and her amazing Maine Coon and Rag-doll cats.  

Out of all of the cats, one chose me, personally. I was only there to love on the kitties, but this  little guy just stayed close to me and wanted love and scratches.  He continued to flop down at my feet, demanding my attention and wove figure 8’s between my legs.  I believe he sensed my sadness and wanted to make me happy again. The purring was non stop.

The outdoor enclosures are amazing for all of her cats.  They have views all around the amazing property.  All are clean and well maintained. All of the cats are clean and groomed.  There are separate areas for pregnant kitties that are preparing to become mommy’s.  There are places for the cats to climb, play, hide, relax and interact with each other.  Lovely trees shade all of the enclosures. There are even ways to heat and cool the areas when weather requires it. The constant braying of an adorable donkey filled the air. A silly Emu struts around as if he owned the place.

By the end of my visit, Max accompanied me home.  Since then, he has been the love of all loves.  He filled the huge hole in my heart after loosing Jazz.  Running water and ice cubes are a constant source of entertainment for him.  Sleeping snuggled against me is a must.  And, there is no way to make the bed without him helping me.....sort of.  If. I’m ignoring him, he reaches out this those AMAZING Polly feet of his.  These feet also demand constant rubbing.  He loves each pad massaged.

I really can’t say enough about how awesome Enchantacats is and how wonderful and knowledgeable Shila is.  I recommend her and her wonderful chattery 100%

Jeanine Kearney

Shila: My baby Belliscimo is the best and biggest cat I've ever had!  He's turned out to be a very pretty cat.  Everybody who sees him falls in love! I really want to thank you!!!

Inta and Mara

Hello Shila,

About 2 1/2 years ago we purchased a loving Maine Coon.  He is an exceptional cat and we love him to bits.  He is very healthy and full of energy. His name is Oliver and is fro Glory and Blaze.  His picture is still up on your website from previous litters. We hope you never take it down because it is one of the few pictures of him when he was small.  They don't stay small for long... He is a red mackerel with white.  He is now about 17 pounds and is very solid.

We will be in the market for another Maine Coon next year sometime.  We love the way you handled our last cat and would love to get another from you. We would love to have a black and white kitten if you have one in a liter next year.  We can send a deposit early next year if necessary.
Thanks once again
Gina & Jerry Snyder

Hi Shila,
I LOVE Tesla's personality so much. I've had a ragdoll in the past and she was the best BUT honestly Tesla is even better. Tesla will come to the door when it rings and greets strangers confidently. Even "dog" people love her!  We have had parties with lots of people, loud music and there is Tesla soaking in ALL the attention. When she plays with us even at her most "wild" point she never has scratched us or bitten us. As a matter of fact she doesn't even use her claws! She is so gentle. She loves to sleep upside down even if the dog steps over her or I run the vacuum. Our other cat and most cats I've known/had over the years run away or are skittish.
We have a few friends with Labradoodles and they are very nice dogs. Seems to me to in the dog world to be the trend! I enjoyed learning about the various combinations. It is a true skill and why I leave the cat breeding to the experts who have learned through experience. I tend to learn everything the hard way too so I'm glad you got it 100% right with my baby Tesla! 
Thank you,

Hello Shila!!

Charlotte, aka Charlie, is doing FANTASTIC!!!  We could not be more thrilled!!!  She's gorgeous, smart, and funny.

We had an incredibly easy transition to living with us.  She eats, drinks, sleeps and poops perfectly!  She's also happy and super playful.  She is totally bonding with me - I adore that she likes to watch me as I get ready for work :.)  Also, I was home recuperating from some dental work last week, and she stayed by my side!  I've attached photos from that time - she's sitting on the top of the sofa.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE HER!!!!!

I really, really enjoyed meeting you and am so grateful for all of the time you spent sharing your insights,                                knowledge and stories.  You are the best!!!

My kindest regards,

Hi Shila! Can you believe It—our sweet red girl is almost 1! She looks like her papa Rusty. Her mane and tail are amazing!  Her name is Aoileann, which means “torch bearer” in Gaelic. Great name for a fire-colored goddess!  We love her so much!

Hi Shila,
The boys we got from you are both awesome.  The most wonderful cats in the world.  They are both the love of our lives and full time entertainment too.  They never growled or hissed at each other.  They love each other, play all the time, share the food dish and litter boxes like gentlemen.  George is 1 yr. and 10 mo. and currently about 18 lbs. and still growing.  Hank is still a little on the small side like you thought he might be.  He is 8.5 lbs, but he is only 10 months old.  So we hope he will have a growth spurt later. You breed and raise the most spectacular cats ever.  We love them to pieces and we have a very happy household.  Never a boring minute.  
They both still work the office with all the guests.  I think they really like seeing all the people and like the attention because they are both big "hams."  I will take and send some current pictures.
Talk to you soon,
Brian and Mary
George and Hank

Hi Shila,​
Max is a gentle, sweet soul.....the two boys love each other and play all the time.  Max (the Ragamuffin kitten) is an absolute joy. I love him so much and he melts everyone's heart who meets him.  He is almost the size of our female, who is slowly warming up to the newest member of the family.  You did good on this little boy; he has an amazing personality and is super smart too.  He has also helped Logan (the adult Maine Coon) become more outgoing as well.
Thanks for the happiness you've given us through these amazing fur babies!

Hi, Shila -

Just wanted to let you know our kitties are both doing well. Our boy weighs 14.6 lbs now at 10 months and our girl is at 8.6 at 7 months. They love each other - having two was absolutely the smartest thing we’ve done.

Turns out that she’s the extra goofy one - more than our big boy! She’s extremely playful, but also a snuggler. We love them both very, very much.

Anyway, hope you all are doing ok during these crazy times and staying safe. Take care, be well and thank you for our two new wonderful family members. Can’t wait for our baby to meet them!

Jayh here.

Hi Shila,
We named him Cooper! He is awesome. Very affectionate and playful. He is friends with our kitties/dog and rules the house. He is outgoing and such a love.  His personality is a perfect fit for our family.  He sure does love food and his nick name is now pig-cat. I think he is growing right before our eyes too:) 

Thank you,


​Wanted to share Donner’s first birthday picture.
As you know she was a bit shy at first, probably because she was the only female in her litter
Well she is now the family clown who loves everyone, adults, children and dogs.
This is the first Maine Coon we have had who constantly talks, especially when she is helping on projects                               around the house.
Getting past her when she wants her tummy rubbed is impossible.
I know we are biased, but I think the pictures prove that she is gorgeous.
We love everything about her and wanted to let you see what she has become.

​Sandi C.

Hi Shila!!
I just wanted to give you an update on Nymeria! She is fitting in and adjusting AMAZINGLY!!
She is a cuddle bug, playful angel. And she’s already playing and coexisting with her Dog Siblings!  Thank you so much again for working with us and having her be a part of our family.

Amber S.