Hi Shila
The boys we got from you are both awesome.  The most wonderful cats in the world.  They are both the love of our lives and full time entertainment too.  They never growled or hissed at each other.  They love each other, play all the time, share the food dish and litter boxes like gentlemen.  George is 1 yr. and 10 mo. and currently about 18 lbs. and still growing.  Hank is still a little on the small side like you thought he might be.  He is 8.5 lbs, but he is only 10 months old.  So we hope he will have a growth spurt later. You breed and raise the most spectacular cats ever.  We love them to pieces and we have a very happy household.  Never a boring minute.  
They both still work the office with all the guests.  I think they really like seeing all the people and like the attention because they are both big "hams."  I will take and send some current pictures.
Talk to you soon,
Brian and Mary
George and Hank

Hi Shila,
Max is a gentle, sweet soul.....the two boys love each other and play all the time.  Max (the Ragamuffin kitten) is an absolute joy. I love him so much and he melts everyone's heart who meets him.  He is almost the size of our female, who is slowly warming up to the newest member of the family.  You did good on this little boy; he has an amazing personality and is super smart too.  He has also helped Logan (the adult Maine Coon) become more outgoing as well.
Thanks for the happiness you've given us through these amazing fur babies!

​​Hi Shila,

  Murphy is so getting huge, beautiful and just so much fun to have around!  His favorite things are hanging with us and the dogs in the backyard, where he chases hummingbirds and butterflies.  He's so social and even-tempered - just the best cat!
  I am still interested in a new brother for Murphy - if you have any boy kittens that are not spoken for, please let me know!  Even though Murphy has fun with us and the dogs, I think he is lonely for another cat.  He stares at the outdoor cats through the window and I know he needs a companion.
  I hope all is well with you and Buddy and the cattery!

Michelle Smith and "Murphy"

Hi Shila, I have been meaning to contact you before now, but to let you know that the kittens (Max and Zoey Auen) have grown so much since bringing them home and are part of our family. They are loving, playful and the joy of our lives! They have traveled with us to our cabin and do so well. Of course we each hold one while outside and they are able to enjoy the mountain air and wild smells. We have tried keeping them with us in our bedroom while sleeping, but they are still "too playful" and I have to send them out and close the door. We feel sad to keep them away, but do need our uninterrupted sleep. They are fine after sending them out.  They are eating about 3 ounces two or 3 times per day along with "grazing" on the dry for "snacks". They are tolerant to me trimming their claws. Zoey LOVES to "hang out" on my left shoulder and will sit in my lap until I need to get up. Max is so loving too and will take turns with Zoey in my lap. His purr is so loud it sounds like it would be painful and he loves snuggling in my arms and neck. Ed adores them both and when he gets home greets them first before me and always asks "How are the kids today?". Anyway, thank you for allowing them into our lives...they are our stress relief and our angels. If you are ever in our area, please contact us...we would love to have you see them again! Anyone that comes over to visit loves them...even my daughter in law that is not so much of a cat person! Everyone says that they are not the "normal type of cat". Our best to both of you!

Fondly...Ed and Vivian Auen (Escalon, CA)

Hello Shila,

About 2 1/2 years ago we purchased a loving Maine Coon.  He is an exceptional cat and we love him to bits.  He is very healthy and full of energy. His name is Oliver and is fro Glory and Blaze.  His picture is still up on your website from previous litters. We hope you never take it down because it is one of the few pictures of him when he was small.  They don't stay small for long... He is a red mackerel with white.  He is now about 17 pounds and is very solid.

We will be in the market for another Maine Coon next year sometime.  We love the way you handled our last cat and would love to get another from you. We would love to have a black and white kitten if you have one in a liter next year.  We can send a deposit early next year if necessary.

Thanks once again
Gina & Jerry Snyder

Shila: My baby Belliscimo is the best and biggest cat I've ever had!  He's turned out to be a very pretty cat.  Everybody who sees him falls in love! I really want to thank you!!!

Inta and Mara

Hi Shila!

Had to write and tell you how our beautiful, loving, smart, funny and happy our cats are. Sheba, as you know is big and gorgeous, and I am convinced she is really a human in cat fur. She thinks she is human too! I love her more than I can say. She looks straight into my eyes and has a better attention span than many people. She is so clever and thinks anything within reach is a toy.

Caesar has finally filled out and is both beautiful and exceptionally loving. He goes back and forth on the loveseat between Vladimir and my laps, making sure neither of us is slighted. If I call Sheba and she comes to sit on my lap, Caesar runs to get there first, or if he is farther away, he will almost sit on top of her to make certain he doesn't miss any love.

Remember...you and Buddy are always welcome to stay with us and we
would take you on a tour of Yosemite. How is Shilo? Is he loving the

Thank you for raising such wonderful kitties.

Doria and Vladimir


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